HMRC Investigation

HMRC-Icon'HMRC Investigations' can be run of the mill with appropriate support and advice.

We have 30 years' specialist experience of HMRC Investigations.

Sadly, the days when we could telephone a local Tax Inspector are long gone, and all Investigations are now just process, which can involve long protracted discussions with someone who doesn't know the nuances of your business.

However, we are well prepared for this, and you can be guaranteed that we will use all of our experience to expedite the process and obtain the best result for our clients.

We also have an Insurance Policy in force that we offer to clients, as long as their affairs are up to date , to cover for our fees in the event of an Investigation, as an average intervention can last up to a year, and be very costly.

The speed of an investigation can be vital when it comes to calculating interest and Statutory Penalties.